Friday, 20 May 2011

Exit Light - comic

This story was made for the Jan Hanlo Media-essay competition. Didn't win, unfortunately.
Some of you might recognise a certain hitsong by a certain band. This is to state that I'm no fan of them...

I remember it clearly, the moment I first heard them
That bass intro, that riff, that voice
Everything fell into place. This was MY music
I got hold of the record in no time and played it until grey. Literally, I bought the thing twice
Couldn't hear it frequent enough... and not hard enough
And each time the music had this powerfull effect. I went out of my skull. Extacy!
Man, I don't need drugs, I'm doing it on my eardrums!
Whoo, sliding away now... must...keep on...counting!
What was it? Half a verse plus refrain... lasts 24 counts
In that rhythm that's 15 seconds, and if I have heard it 6841 times... that's...PAIN!
No, I've heard it 4168 times... so almost 1050 minutes... that's 17,5 hours...
aaah, divided by 60... a whole day... is enough...e...nough...sliding away again...
No! Stop that noise STOP!!

Person-of-the-Day: Annie M.G. Schmidt

Monday, 2 May 2011

In the Ghetto / Elvis Presley workshop Budapest

The day before the Hungarian Comics Festival in Budapest there was a workshop where international comic artists drew stories based on songtitles by Elvis Presley, in regards to his honorary citizenship of the city. Art was made in around 4 hours time, and all pages collected in the ad hoc anthology 'Elvis Budapest' (24p, limited edition of 120 copies).
Here is my contribution:

Person-of-the-Day: Benjamin Spock